Our Charity Book Sale raised over 1K!

Donated books….where do they go?

Most of you may wonder, ” What do you guys do with books that don’t make the cut?”  To answer your questions….we, at the Book Exchange, never, ever throw away books.  We boxed them up and save them for our monthly Charity Book Sale.  If you’ve never been to one of our Charity Book Sale event, it is so much fun!  There are literally over 1000’s of items selling for either 50c or a $1.  The best bargain is to stuff a grocery bag with books, DVDs, CDS and even Vinyl records to the point of overflowing for just $7 flat.  Yes!  You heard us.  Just $7, no tax!  The best part about our Charity Sale is the monetary support we provide for our local non-profit 501c3 Charity of Hampton Roads.   For the month of July, our recipients were The Muse Writers Center and Troopster.

*Logo images courtesy of Troopster and Muse Writers Center

Over the past 2 weekends, the Book Exchange in Norfolk (116. East Little Creek Rd.) and Virginia Beach (2720 N. Mall Dr.) managed to raise a combined total of over $1400!  What a sweet amount.  Great work Book Exchange customers!  You helped us raised money for many Scholarships and Deployment Care Packages.  We want to thank you a thousand times and more for your kind support.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Our next Charity Sale…

…is just around the corner.  The Book Exchange in Norfolk will be hosting a Charity Book Sale on the weekend of August 19-20;  Book Exchange in Virginia Beach is hosting the following weekend, August 26-27.  Be sure to mark your calendar!  This time, we will help support Faith Inclusion Network and Destination Imagination, both truly awesome non-profit organizations.  To learn more about these spectacular organizations, visit  http://www.faithinclusionnetwork.org/  and  http://divirginia.org/.

Are you a local 501c3 in need of support?

If the answer is yes, give us a shout.  Contact us by phone (757-583-2665) or message us on Facebook and give us the #411 about your organization.  We support local and try our best to be proactive in assisting our local communities.


Our Charity Book Sale raised over 1K!

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