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Author Signing and Special Reading; Jennifer Milius, “Einstein and Moo” @ Book Exchange Virginia Beach
Aug 11 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Local Author Jennifer Milius at Book Exchange Virgina Beach


Local Author Jennifer Milius will be at Book Exchange Virginia Beach on August 11th from 1pm until 3pm with copies of her adorable kitten series, “Einstein and Moo”. Bring the kiddos because she’ll host a special reading at 2:30 pm. See you there!



For more info about Jennifer Milius and her children’s book series, click here.



If you are a local author interested in hosting a signing, please send an email to bookexchange757@gmail.com. 

Author Signing: Tracy Roland, “Defying the Odds” @ Book Exchange Virginia Beach
Aug 25 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Local author Tracy Roland will be in store on August 25th from noon until 4pm with copies of her bestselling book, “Defying the Odds”. Stop in and pick up your signed copy and meet the inspirational author herself!

About “Defying the Odds”;
Defying the Odds is about the everyday life of a young girl growing up in the projects. Highland Park “Project” was the first Project built in Arkansas. These small houses were built in 1942 during World War II for defense workers but after the war ended they served low income families.

Nearly, fifteen years later, Little Rock Central High School, the high school I graduated from, was the focal of integration crisis of 1957. Nine black students also known as the Little Rock Nine, were denied entrance even after the United States Supreme Court ruling ending segregation in public schools. Although I wasn’t born during the integration crisis of 1957, I still under

went similar situations.

This book will reveal the many experiences the average person in America may not ever see or experience in a lifetime. Defying the Odds shows that one can overcome any and all situations and become a success in life.

Imagine not ever knowing your father because he died while you were very young, to young to even know what happened. Imagine a brother being murdered, used as a human shield. Imagine another brother dying in prison. Imagine losing your mom to a terrible disease. Yes, we all experience death in our families, but how many of us experience death like this, over and over again? The answer to this question is simply, not many.

Defying the Odds, reveals the determination of one young girl, who is singled out by a family, who has the resources to show her a life far beyond the projects. Another, who was a business owner who taught her the value of money and the importance of saving money for the future so that there is never a need that cannot be met.

Charity Sale to Benefit Vanguard Landing @ Book Exchange Virginia Beach
Jan 13 – Jan 14 all-day

Our monthly Charity Sale is back, this time benefiting our friends at Vanguard Landing. Vanguard Landing’s mission is to provide a safe, progressive and self-sustaining community for adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities right here in Virginia Beach!

Shop donated books at 50 cents to $1 each, or even fill a plastic grocery sized bag for $7. All proceeds will benefit Vanguard Landing!

More about Vanguard Landing:

Regular store inventory is not included in the charity sale price. Store credit may not be used on charity items as all the proceeds will benefit this local organization. If you have any questions about our sale, please feel free to call the store at 757-222-0117 or send an email to bookexchange757@gmail.com.

If you are part of a local, 5013c organization and are interested in hosting a charity sale, please send an email to bookexchange757@gmail.com with your name, info about your organization, and a time frame in which you’re looking to host the sale.