Local Author Signings

Local authors, are you interested in hosting a book signing/or reading at the Book Exchange?! Well, you’ve come to the right place. Between both Book Exchange locations, we’ve hosted dozens of Hampton Roads authors and would love to host you and your novels, memoirs, poetry, and more!

If you’re interested and would like to contact us for more information, check out our community page! If you’re interested in community writing organizations to kick start your writing career or hone in on your skills, check out our friends over at the Muse Writers Center!

Local Authors We’ve Worked With:

Nikolas Larum in store with his new novel “Gypsy Spy”
Author Timothy J. Lockhart in store with his new novel, “Smith”.
Teacher and Author, Miss Lisa Pizza hosting a signing and reading of her kid’s book, “Ohh, Ohhh…I Knew That”
Author and Public Speaking Coach, Jennifer Milius hosting a signing and reading of her kid’s book “Einstein and Moo”
Yonette Belinda hosting her book signing at Book Exchange Virginia Beach



Betty Oliver   Ken Poyner   Sandra Smith Moore   Rebecca Bardelli   James R. Boyd  Toby Yarbrough