Store Highlights

Store Highlights

What you’ll find

Our family friendly store contains a range of books, movies, and music for all ages. We get new inventory ​every day, and you can always bring in old media and exchange them for ours! When you make a trade, you can use your store credit for any books, movies & music in the store with no restrictions.

The Store

We maintain our store to be organized and well kept to make your browsing experience as easy as possible. If you have any questions about what you can find in our store, feel free to give us a call!


Our inventory changes daily and is meticulously arranged into over 400 categories. We are especially well stocked in

  • ✓ General Fiction
  • ✓ Mystery
  • ✓ Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • ✓ Romance
  • ✓ Classics
  • ✓ Children’s
  • ✓ Audio Books
  • ✓ Self Help
  • ✓ History
  • ✓ Biography
  • ✓ Christianity
  • ✓ And much more!

Special Deals

10% Discount for Active Duty Military Purchases
10% Discount for Teacher Purchases
Rewards for Honor Roll Students

Charity Sale

We hold a charity sale every two months and all of the proceeds are donated to a local charity.

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